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We’ve built our reputation on manufacturing industry-leading quality hose in the United States and worldwide. It all started in 1969, when Snap-tite formed its Hose Products Division and in 1977, entered into a joint venture with a West German company to manufacture lay-flat hose in Union City, Pennsylvania. Snap-tite is credited with introducing the concept of large diameter hose (LDH) and driving its widespread use throughout North America. Today, virtually every fire department in America uses LDH to move water efficiently.

In 1980, Snap-tite bought out its partner to form Snap-tite Hose, Inc. In 1990, the Company purchased Ponn Hose and in 1995, it acquired National Fire Hose. Snap-tite sold the hose division to All-American Holdings, LLC in June 2010. In April 2016, a group of private investors acquired the assets of All-American Hose, making it one of the largest fire hose manufacturers globally.

Today, All-American Holdings, LLC is doing business as Snap-tite Hose. The company remains true to our commitment to engineer and manufacture the industry’s best firehose. Every day our team of 195+ works at the Company’s four facilities — two in Pennsylvania, one in North Carolina, and one in Wexford, Ireland— to deliver on that quality promise.

Our premium hose product is trusted worldwide — from the highest quality lay-flat jacketed and rubber fire hose to industrial large diameter hose and powerful and tough agricultural and drag hose.

Why Snap-tite Hose

Thank you for being a great resource for me to contact.   I am glad that you are partners with Casco Ind. Inc.   I look forward to future business with you.


I am confident we have the best of the best hose for our complicated buildings. HighRise Firefighting requires us to carry hose packs up close and personal. I find the rubber hose easy to clean, making it safer for Firefighters health.


Snap-tite Hose is doing everything possible to keep workers safe and continue providing product without issue or delay by being non-reliant on overseas materials is another reason why our existing customers will continue and better yet new customers will come join Shipman’s & Snap-tite Hose for all the hose product needs.


The evaluation results showed that a combination of Elkhart Brass and Ponn TRU-A-TAK hose allowed for the delivery of targeted fire flows with low nozzle reaction, less stream break up, low friction loss and more kink resistance than any other combination of nozzle and hose. The ability to reach our targeted fire flow with low nozzle reaction and more kink resistance leads to increased firefighter safety and effectiveness during interior fire attack operations.


Trusted Partners

To our customers, Snap-tite Hose is not just a supplier. We’re a partner and trusted advisor solving their toughest water flow challenges.

Driven by respect for first responders and a commitment to product quality and innovation, Snap-tite Hose offers the safest, most reliable hoses available on the market today.

Our Mission

We, the Snap-tite Hose Team, will strive to set World Class manufacturing standards and World Class standards for the utmost performance driven selling organization, that partners with our distributor network to deliver to our end-users IRREPLACEABLE brands; performance and customer service through superior products; value pricing; and market execution that satisfies all fire service industry requirements while delivering investor financial expectations.

Industry Assocations

Snap-tite Hose By The Numbers

Located in Erie County, PA; Burlington, NC; and Wexford Ireland, Snap-tite Hose and its related brands (Snap-tite Hose, Ponn, National Fire Hose, and Firequip) are proud to provide the highest quality hose for firefighting, industrial, and agricultural use, amongst others.

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