Snap-tite Hose has been manufacturing hose in the USA for the past 50 years. We’ve created high quality manufacturing processes and procedures to ensure our hose is the most durable, dependable, and safe in the industry.

Other “guys” have popped on to the scene in these past 5 decades but we have been doing what we do for the past 50 years due to a commitment to make our products and processes better year after year.

Our facilities undergo voluntary, rigorous testing because world class standards like ours matter. We don’t sacrifice quality for price in anything that we do.  From raw materials to the end result, rest assured Snap-tite Hose and it’s products are designed and manufactured to higher standards than our competitors in the industry. We don’t “manufacture to ISO style quality control standards” like those other guys…. we actually DO manufacture to ACTUAL ISO 9001 certifications (if you want to see our certification, click here ).

Manufacturing and certification standards are in place in order to ensure that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. ISO 9001 certifications, NFPA certifications, UL/ULC certifications, and more are all put in place so manufacturers produce products that are uniformly manufactured across industries. Taking all these regulations into consideration, a manufacturer develops internal standard operating procedures to document their processes and ensure consistently high quality products are produced for the marketplace. At Snap-tite Hose, our internal process starts with quality raw materials, a stringent QA process, multiple product checks while the hose is being manufactured, and final testing on-site in our facilities.

We keep the manufacturing process in house because we want the most control over our hose products as possible. Our customers expect a high quality, durable and dependable product and we intend to provide that for them every time. Monitoring quality control through standards is vital to maintaining a proper and successful operation that produces high quality products. When manufacturing standards are not abided by, the products or goods tend to show it (sometimes causing harm to those that use the products).

This negligence can, in turn, lose you clients and customers and taint the reputation of your company. It also affects those customers because the products you are supplying are not of the utmost quality. Sometimes, companies supply products to the market that just aren’t what customers expect and don’t meet these standards.

If you use any one of our number of hoses rest assured a diligent team of people in the great state of Pennsylvania monitored the manufacturing of your hose to the very end.  We have tested it and certified it to meet not just our standards but the industry standards as well. And if you ever have a problem or issue with one of our hose products, we make sure to take care of you to.

At Snap-tite Hose, we want our customers to know we take great care in ensuring our hose products are manufactured to the high standards our customers have come to expect over the past 50 years. Our customers want to do their job and do it well all without worrying about their hose. Leave the tough stuff up to us.

If you want to talk to a member of our staff, fill out the form below. We would be happy to talk to you about why our world class manufacturing standards have made our hose industry icons year after year.