Snap-tite Hose proudly manufactures our hose in the great state of Pennsylvania.

We are a dedicated staff of over 100 employees who work hard to manufacture durable, dependable, and quality hose for a variety of different hose applications. We service hose applications in the municipal, industrial, agriculture, oil & gas, forestry, military, and mining industries.

We have a broad range of hose and we are certain we have the right hose for your needs.

We design, manufacture, and test right in our own warehouse because it makes it easy for us to control the process to make sure we have great hose leaving our building each and every time.

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Snap-tite Hose is an industry leader in municipal, industrial, and oil & gas hose solutions. We’ve been manufacturing industry-renowned hose for over 50 years.

Our Snap-tite hose is 50 years old this year and that is thanks in part to our customers but also in part to our manufacturing staff.

Snap-tite Hose is thankful to our dedicated staff, some which have been here for over 20 years.

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Our team is a big reason why our hose leaves our plants manufactured and tested to the highest of standards.

We want to thank our dedicated manufacturing staff for their continued effort in manufacturing great hose, since it’s what our customers expect.

We also want to recognize our tenured sales staff that brings expertise from many different industries and past careers (like firefighting) to create a sales staff that knows a lot about hose.

Snap-tite Hose truly believes that this makes our sales staff unlike any other out there – we can answer your questions and provide a great solution for your unique hose needs based on knowledge of the industry and its needs.

Snap-tite Hose is also in the forefront of hose manufacturers because we put ourselves through strenuous testing above what is actually required. We subject ourselves to the ISO-9001 testing to ensure we have the right processes and procedures in place in our facility, so our hose leaves our facilities ready to be put to work.

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ISO-9001 certification is a voluntary program where companies subject themselves to additional testing on not only our manufacturing procedures but also the processes we use all over our plant.

Snap-tite Hose feels this is necessary in order to ensure the hose is of the best material as well as the best processes so it’s safe to use.

ISO-9001 certification requires that auditors be sent in a few times a year to audit our entire process, from start to finish. While this type and frequency of testing is not required, we at Snap-tite Hose believe that it is truly necessary so that we can provide our customers with safe and dependable hose.

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Snap-tite Hose is dedicated to creating safe, dependable, durable, and innovative hose in all of our markets. We work each day to make sure our product leaves to the highest of standards so our customers feel confident their hose is ready to be put to work as soon as they receive it.

If you want to test some of our hose yourself, request a demo. We will come to you and let you try out our hose to make sure it’s up to your standards. Sign up for a demo by filling out the form below.

Let the Snap-tite team show you why our hose is trusted in multiple industries all over the world. Once you see our hose in action you will be convinced it’s the perfect hose for your hose application.