All-American Hose was excited to be a exhibitioner at this year’s FDIC Show in Indianapolis. We were thrilled to get out and talk to our distribution partners, customers, and the firefighting community.

all-american hose 2019 fdic recap

At FDIC, we really wanted to talk to people who already use and love our hose and introduce others to our entire product line of hose. All-American Hose products are built to meet the highest quality specifications for superior performance and durability, and we wanted to prove that our hose is the best.


All-American Hose was lucky enough to flow water in the Water Flow Zone this year. We showed off our hose, let show visitors flow water themselves, and provided education for those in attendance.

It was great to get to show off our hose performance in person and really help educate the community about what goes in to making our hose not only outperform the competition but what goes in to making a hose durable and dependable.





We also spent time speaking with distributors, customers, and fire fighters that visited our booth.

Our tenured sales staff has decades worth of experience and we are always ready to share it. We want our distributors and customers to feel supported and backed by the most knowledgeable sales staff in the industry.

We don’t just sell hose – we are seasoned hose experts that stand behind our product time and time again!



This year’s show was full of great industry information on the advancements of technology to keep fire fighters safe, doing their job to the best of their abilities, and informed on how to reduce their risk of exposure to carcinogens and cancer-causing agents.

All-American Hose was there to discuss how our hose is durable and dependable, and ready to perform each time you use it. A dependable hose keeps your and your team safe and All-American Hose knows and values that. Creating products that are tested, certified, and of the highest quality is extremely important to All-American Hose. 






The sales and leadership staff of All-American Hose had a great time at the 2019 FDIC Show. We are already counting down the days until we exhibit at next year’s show – and be ready to be wowed! We’ve got some great ideas to really show you how All-American Hose is the only choice for durable, dependable, and innovative USA-made hose.