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A Message from our CEO

All American Hose is entering a new phase in its development by going back to its roots as Snap-tite Hose.

The company logo and name changes make it easier to show customers our entire product portfolio and how we truly have a solution for your hose flow issue. We’ve also welcomed a new brand to our family and are excited at the possibility of helping even more customers around the globe.

  • By combining forces with Firequip, we are able to offer a broader range of high quality, durable lay-flat hoses to more customers. We want to make sure that our customers understand what each brand stands for and why a mix of brands enables us to provide the most complete, tailored hose system solution for nearly any set of customer needs.
  • We recognize that all customers are not alike – urban departments have different needs than rural stations; private industrial fire suppression poses different challenges than typical residential structures. High-rise structures require different equipment that single-story structures.  One hose does not and should not fit every department’s standard operating procedures for pressure and flow.  The expansion of hose products offered gives us more choices to offer to customers to more closely meet their needs.
  • The iconic brands of Ponn, National and Snap-tite have always and will always be made in the USA from the highest quality materials in ISO-2015 certified facilities. Every hose is tested and certified to meet or exceed NFPA standards.  We maintain a database of every test to ensure complete traceability from the factory to dealer to end-user through the entire life cycle of the hose. This is what you should expect from the industry leader.
  • The Firequip brands give us access to high quality hoses that are globally sourced for durability and value. When departments rely on a hose that can offer price, quality and durability the Firequip by Snap-tite brand is there to provide solutions to their hose flow needs.  We stand behind every hose that is assembled in our plant in North Carolina and test each hose to ensure that it meets or exceeds NFPA standards.  The Firequip history of high quality and exceptional customer service adds to our overall ability to service customers better and we are excited to welcome them to the family.
  • We stand for honesty and integrity in dealing with customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. That’s why we have invested in test equipment and demo trucks to demonstrate scientifically in the lab and professionally in the field why our products are the best in the business.  We know you don’t want to hear excuses if something goes wrong, and we won’t hide behind some technicality in our search for the root cause of whatever happened.  We take corrective action when necessary to ensure that our ISO 2015 processes and procedures will deliver quality and value each and every time we ship a hose  – after all, our first responders depend on their tools to keep them safe and we take our part in that promise very seriously.

I invite you to take a closer look at the new (old) Snap-tite Hose through our catalogues, our web site and our sales and customer service representatives.  Our sales team is ready to help you find the solution to your hose flow issue. If it’s price, performance, durability, innovation, or legacy – we’ve got you covered.

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Thank you for being a great resource for me to contact.   I am glad that you are partners with Casco Ind. Inc.   I look forward to future business with you.


I am confident we have the best of the best hose for our complicated buildings. HighRise Firefighting requires us to carry hose packs up close and personal. I find the rubber hose easy to clean, making it safer for Firefighters health.


Snap-tite Hose is doing everything possible to keep workers safe and continue providing product without issue or delay by being non-reliant on overseas materials is another reason why our existing customers will continue and better yet new customers will come join Shipman’s & Snap-tite Hose for all the hose product needs.


The evaluation results showed that a combination of Elkhart Brass and Ponn TRU-A-TAK hose allowed for the delivery of targeted fire flows with low nozzle reaction, less stream break up, low friction loss and more kink resistance than any other combination of nozzle and hose. The ability to reach our targeted fire flow with low nozzle reaction and more kink resistance leads to increased firefighter safety and effectiveness during interior fire attack operations.


Trusted Partners

To our customers, Snap-tite Hose is not just a supplier. We’re a partner and trusted advisor solving their toughest water flow challenges.

Driven by respect for first responders and a commitment to product quality and innovation, Snap-tite Hose offers the safest, most reliable hoses available on the market today.


American-Grade Quality. Unmatched Selection.